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  • For short term use indoors or outdoors Ficus Exotica (ficus exotica) Common name Weeping Fig Description The Ficus Exotica are good for low level, dense coverage or screening. The drooping branches of the ficus tree lend a sweeping character and the glossy, alternate leaves are solid green and thrive in full sun. A ficus exotica tree can reach varying heights. Where they are required for outdoor use at a short term event or function, we can supply base stands to give them more stability. Size Medium, Large Light requirement Full Sun  
  • For short term use indoors or outdoors Ficus Emerald Green (ficus emerald) Common name Emeralds Description The Ficus Emerald is a good feature option for external entry points. It can be used to soften down external walk ways and can also be used in numbers to create barriers or delineate a pathway or specific area. They have deep green foliage and a mainly upright growth habit, though pruning is required to keep them in check. Size Medium, Large Light requirement Full Sun  
  • This plant is only to be used indoors Deremensis (dracaena deremensis warnekii) Common name Dero Description A great addition to the Dracaena family as it gives great variation with its white and grey striation down the length of its foliage which can be used to great affect if it is placed alongside deeper green leaf options especially in flox planter troughs. The version known as the Greenie has very dramatic lime green striations and is far more hearty that the usual variety. Size Small, Medium, Large Light requirement medium -  high
  • For short term use indoors or outdoors Cordyline Electric Star (cordyline banksii ) Common name Cordyline Description Electric Star is a compact, clump forming Cordyline that doesn’t develop a bare single stemmed trunk. Instead it develops side shoots that together with its slightly arching leaves provides a denser foliage plant. Electric Star only grows to 1.2m in height. Their coloured leaves combined with statuesque appearance provide a dramatic visual effect all year round. Their long upright pointed leaves allow you to create great effects formal styled gardens. They contrast superbly with shaped hedges, conjuring a relaxed and stylish look. Size Medium Light requirement Full Sun  
  • For short term use indoors or outdoors Cocos Palm (syagrus romanzoffiana) Common name Cocos Description The Cocos palm is a palm native to South America. It is a medium-sized palm, quickly reaching maturity at a height of up to 15 m tall with pinnate leaves. It is very popular as an ornamental tree and much used in urban landscaping. Their main use in the plant hire industry is for beach or Hawaiian Themed Parties. Size Medium, Large Light requirement Full Sun  
  • This plant is only to be used indoors

    Indoor/outdoor use

    Cauri Pine (agathis australis) Common name Cauri Sometimes spelt with a K - Kauri Description The Kauri is a fantastic specimen for indoors though its true origins are from the rain forests of New Zealand where it grows to an immense height and girth. Its timbers then used for fine furniture manufacture and interior fit outs. It is disease resistant and has adapted well to indoor use. Similar to the grown habit of a Ficus it has small, dark foliage that has a bronze tinge when new, it also produces a light white coating on the foliage which acts as natural sun screen. It can on occasion look like the plant is dusty. Size Medium, Large Light requirement high -  full sun
  • For short term use indoors or outdoors Bay Tree (laurus nobilis) Common name Bay tree Description The bay tree is an aromatic evergreen tree or large shrub with green, glossy leaves, native to the Mediterranean region. It can vary greatly in size and height. This pyramid shaped tree makes a superb tub specimen, hedging plant or topiary sculpture due to its positive response to pruning. Size Medium, Large Light requirement Full Sun