When you require plants to enhance the aesthetics of a workplace, foyer or any area that appears sterile and needs something to create an impact.

  • We offer a fully integrated design service that is free of any obligation
  • We are happy to install samples on a try before you hire basis
  • Our service agreements are tailored to our client’s requirements, the term of these agreements are usually dependent on the number of plants required and style of pots. These agreements guarantee the quality of product and service provided.
  • New installations are only put in the accounting system when installations are fully completed to your satisfaction.
  • In most instances we are able to install within 24 hours of confirmation. If specialized stock or high numbers of designs are required, the maximum period for installation would be two weeks.
  • Quotations can be done at short notice, quickly and efficiently. We are very customer orientated and proud to be able to say; ‘Give us a day and time and we will be there.’
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