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  • Sanseveria (Sanseveria dracaenaceae)

    Common name mother in law's tongue, Snake Plant

    Description A very hearty, long established variety that really lends itself to the current architectural trends in office design.

    Mass planting as an architectural feature is this plants strongest point, not only because of its upright form but also the varying coloured striations on its foliage.

    Size Small, Medium, Large

    Light requirement medium -  high

  • Small Square Mini Garden Pot Dimension 250mm square – 145mm deep

    Description We usually multi plant with up to five small plants, ranging from taller varieties to the rear working down in size towards the front of the planter. We have a wide range of plant varieties available but the ones we use most are Sansaveria both short and Dwarf, three forms of Peparomia, Pothos, Rhoea, Janet Craig and Happy Plants. The varieties used can be dependent on the light levels.

    Size Plants to 300mm tall.

    Light requirement Low -  medium -  high

  • Walking Iris (Neomarica Iris)

    Common name                                                                                                                   Walking Iris

    Description A fantastic addition to our range, the Walking Iris has a spectacular fanned growth habit. Its strappy foliage cascades as it grows contrasting well with its rigid architectural form. Another fantastic bonus with this plant is that it produces multiple white Iris flowers with deep purple highlights on its frilled petals and on the throat of the flower. extremely attractive.   

    Size Small, Medium

    Light requirement

    medium -  high

  • Xanadu (philodendron selloum)

    Common name xanadu

    Description With very unique shaped foliage reminiscent of a hand with figures this variety is best used as a stand-alone bench top, though it can also be used in troughs as a low feature

    Size Small

    Light requirement medium -  high

  • Zanzibar Gem (zamioculcas zamiifolia)

    Common name Zig Zag, ZZ

    Description One of the most successful and hearty plants available. The Zig Zag can survive on very little water; it has large flesh bulbous roots that can hold moisture for considerable periods of time.

    Its fleshy, high gloss foliage and thick stems give it a very lush appearance and enable this variety to stand alone as a feature despite only reaching about 700mm height. They are most affective in a large wedge shaped pot but work well in any situation or planter type.

    Some sources report that all parts of the plant are poisonous if ingested, but a number of others claim that this is a myth. They contain calcium oxalate. Needle-like calcium oxalate crystals that could irritate different sensitive skin parts, mucosa, or conjunctiva.

    Initial toxicological experiment conducted by the University of Bergen in 2015 on extracts from Z. zamiifolia using brine shrimp as a lethality assay did not indicate lethality to the shrimps even at concentrations of extracts up to 1 mg/mL providing disproving evidence for the assumption of Z. zamiifolia's toxic character. The scientists conducting the experiment found that "On the contrary, it could appear as though the extract contributed to improvements in the vitality of the larvae".

    Size Small, Medium, Large

    Light requirement low -  high